Kitchen Planning
Kitchen is the foundation of any Food and beverage business. A combination of a good chef and a well planned kitchen is a recipe for quality food being served to guests. At, our extremely space conscious chefs create the best optimized kitchen plans for your venture’s success and efficiency.
A well planned kitchen optimizes space ensuring a balanced ratio between revenue generating space and revenue support space. Cooking like all other forms of skill requires a process and a method. If the kitchen is planned according to the process required for cooking it ensures minimum food wastage, quicker operations and good quality food.
To be able to plan a good kitchen one needs to have an understanding of the following:
• Menu being served
• Average price of the menu
• Total size of the outlet
• Number of Seats (optional)

Once all these aspects are determined we allocate space between revenue generating area and revenue support area. Our chefs then break down the menu and make a process chart for each dish. All these elements are studied in detail before a well laid out kitchen is planned.

We give the following drawings as part of our Kitchen planning

1) Layout Plan
2) Masonry Drawing
3) Plumbing Drawing
4) Electrical socket drawing
5) Drainage Drawing
6) LPG Points Drawing

In addition to the above, Onlychefs will provide:

1. BoQ
2. Detailed Equipment Specifications
3. Gas Bank Calculation
4. Three Quotes from market at onlychefs special rates.

How to get started on Kitchen Planning services

Send us an AutoCAD (ver. 2004-1010) drawing of the site along with the menu and average pricing of each dish (excel or word or pdf) after making the payment as per our payment chart.
We will access the drawing and send you an acknowledgement. This process will take between 24 to 48 hours.
Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions of our Kitchen Planning services and we have received the money in our account, we will send you the tentative kitchen plan.
All the drawings will follow once the Kitchen Plan is approved from your side.
This entire process will take between two to three weeks.

Rough Estimate of our Kitchen Planning Fee:

Site size - Up to 1000 Sq ft - Rs. 50, 000/-
Site size – Between 1000 to 5000 Sq ft - Rs. 100000/-
Site size –Above 5000 Sq ft - Rs. 150000/-
Bulk Kitchen/ Air Catering/Complete hotel
(2 restaurants, bar and banquets) unit – Rs. 2,50,000/-
All the above rates are exclusive of all Govt. applicable taxes
The above fee is for the drawings and details as mentioned on the previous page only
No site visits are included in this fee.