Head Hunt
At onlychefs, we strive to give you the advantage of senior chefs searching, analyzing and assessing the best talent out there for your organization.
Onlychefs Head Hunts are conducted by eminent chefs from the same cuisine / background as the vacancy, thus enabling in depth understanding and better fitment of the selected candidates.
Download the Head hunting form from the web site.
Fill up, Sign, scan and send the Form along with the fee (or authorize online) to headhunting@onlychefs.co.in
Once we receive the form we will send our quotation.
If you are an existing member of Onlychefs then the contracted professional fee will be applicable.
Once a signed mandate is sent over to Onlychefs office, we will begin the search.
Usually our searches take between three to four weeks to complete.
Onlychefs undertakes the head hunts for positions where the minimum annual cost to company is Rs. 3, 60,000/- (Rs.30, 000/- per month).
Download the form