Chef Of The Month
Which is your favorite Dish?
I am a Punjabi, Can it be other than Rajma Chawal??
Which is your most favored Holiday Destination?
Bangkok, for its food, fruits and shopping
Which is your all time favorite Movie?
Godfather part 1

Chef Arun Trikha is an Alumnus of the prestigious Institute of Hotel Management, PUSA, New Delhi.
Chef Arun joined as a Management Trainee with The Taj Group of Hotels And Specialized in Chinese Cuisine. He has been part of many opening projects across chains.
Chef Arun specializes in Facility Planning; he along with his team of chefs handles all the Kitchen Planning, Design, Menu and recipe plan and recruitments for International Hospitality Partners.
We met him and asked him some interesting questions ……. And here are the answers…..

Current Designation:
Chief Operating Officer

Current Organization:
International Hospitality Partners

Total Experience:
Kitchen Operations : 12 years,
Hotel Consulting : 8 years

Which Chef do you Idolize?
Chef Arvind Saraswat for his systems driven approach, Chef Satish Arora for his logical work patterns, Chef Hemant Oberoi for his Administration excellence and Chef Manjit S Gill for his creativity

Your dream food festival?
I would like to create a Nawabi Trail festival which tracks the accent and spread of Mughlai Cuisine across India, be it Lucknow, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Rampur, Jaunpur, Bhopali. The list is endless and we need to discover and document the creations before they disappear

If you were not a chef what would you be?

Which is your favorite Knife?
Chinese Cleaver, for its versatility